About Us

Our Sweet Journey: The Story of Sugared by Chanelle

Welcome to Sugared by Chanelle, a place where every sweet treat tells a story. Our bakery, named lovingly after my daughter, Chanelle Monique, is a testament to a family tradition of baking. It all started with my father, a remarkably talented baker, whose passion for creating delicious baked goods was passed down to us.

At Sugared by Chanelle, we believe in the magic of custom-made, freshly baked delights. Our offerings are not just products... Read more

Baked With Love: The Essence of Sugared by Chanelle

Baking is not just a business; it's a heartwarming journey that began with the inspiration of my daughter, Chanelle Monique, and my father, an extraordinarily skilled baker.

We are a bakery that thrives on the principle of 'custom-made and freshly baked'. Our dedication to crafting personalized bakery items for each order reflects our commitment to quality and uniqueness. From sumptuous cakes and cookies to special dietary options like Vegan ... Read more

Crafting Sweet Memories: Welcome to Sugared by Chanelle

Sugared by Chanelle is more than just a bakery; it's a dream brought to life, inspired by my daughter Chanelle Monique and fueled by the baking expertise of my father.

We specialize in creating custom bakery items that are not only baked to order but are also crafted to add a special touch to your events. Our passion for baking is evident in every product we offer, from our indulgent cakes and cookies to our health-conscious options like Vega... Read more